Combined inverter chargers, such as the Victron Multiplus, offer multiple advantages. They include a true sine inverter, which allows for adaptive charging. It also allows for a smooth transition from one power system to the next, such as when the grid goes down. Finally, you can take advantage of unlimited power output by working with up to 6 of them in a parallel operation.

Standalone Inverter vs. Inverter Charger

Combination inverter chargers differ from standalone inverters in several ways. An inverter charger can detect when there is another power source and automatically switch. Without this capability, you’d have to manually switch from grid to solar or generator. This is usually not a problem if you’re only operating one or two devices. But if you’re powering a home or building, the automatic transfer is much smoother.

When you turn on an appliance, like an oven or a coffee maker, there is always an initial high power surge. A combination inverter charger also has the capability of allowing small power surges, which are necessary for most appliances.

Smooth Transitions

When you need reliable electricity, an inverter charger is a must-have. It allows for smooth transitions, in the event of a grid failure or power outage. This means you can switch from the grid to your solar system automatically. The inverter charger does this so fast, your computer won’t even shut down. It takes less than 20 milliseconds for the inverter to switch to an alternative power source.

Prevents Overloads

You always want to prevent an overload of your electrical system to avoid damaging your appliances, equipment, and computers. And inverter charger will prevent an overload of a generator or shore power connection. It can do this by reducing the battery charge and boosting the output of a generator by using the power from the battery.

Remote Monitoring

Inverter chargers typically come with a remote panel allowing you to monitor usage and battery level. You can monitor the system from anywhere in the world on your phone, tablet, or computer. You have the option to adjust and customize the settings based on your specific needs. This can even extend your battery life.

The Victron Multiplus is a reliable inverter charger for your off-the-grid system. It allows you direct control over the power sources of your appliances, prevents overloads, charges your solar storage bank, and ensures smooth transitions. This combination of inverter, battery charger, and transfer switch makes automatic decisions about your power supply, so you don’t have to.