Today, digital media and online marketing are everything. Like in the past two decades, the world has definitely seen new changes, and the internet revolution.  And there are multiple terms that are associated with digital marketing. The world has changed in the best way, for sure. And in Brightside, every product and service is advertised rightly.SEO, SEM, SMO, PPC, Digital marketing, Google MyBusiness SEO, and branding, and we assure you that everyone has heard all these terms. But are you familiar with all these terms and methods? Like you know the words, but do you understand each of these terms and their ways? For example, everyone believes that Branding and marketing are the same. But it is not the same. They both are different. And if you are unaware of that, keep reading the blog and understand yourself.

Understand the Benefits of Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is the trending thing. If you are planning on making an advertising campaign, make sure that you incorporate SEO, digital marketing, and all other new ways of marketing methods in the campaign. Digital marketing is already the next big thing. Focus on that and make your campaign get the best success and results. Branding and marketing will play an essential role in Digital Marketing.

What is Marketing?

When you compare marketing with branding, you have to know this.  Marketing describes the strategies you use to spread your brand's message. The items and services you provide will also continue to alter and evolve, just like marketing. Marketing will promote your brand's basic principles by being directly and specifically targeted to segments of your target demographic.  The field of marketing is enormous. It might be amusing, serious, or heartfelt. Any combination of text, keywords, images, pictures, graphs, and videos can be used for marketing. Numerous online and offline techniques will be used for marketing, like Content Marketing using SEO, Use of social media, Mobile marketing Pay-Per-Click marketing

Radio and print campaigns on television.

What is Branding?

Branding is way different from marketing. And Marketing helps you raise visibility, and branding defines who you are. Branding sure is about your company. Marketing includes your targets, but branding is your strategy to reach the audience. You have to ask yourself a number of questions in order to identify your brand.  Sure your brand is different and unique from others. And in branding, you promote that. It will be about your brand, not the service. You should post   Questions to yourself. That will transcend the generalizations about the sector, the services or goods provided, and include inquiries into your identity as a business. And crucially, how your identity is different and it is a brand.  To know about yourself and your brand, you should answer these questions yourself like What are the fundamental beliefs and values of your business?   How do you distinguish yourself? And  What is the corporate culture at your company? If you can answer all these questions, then you will be able to brand. You can use Google Places SEO and other things to make your brand awareness to all.


Every term has a unique meaning and its own method. But people get confused with familiarity. So use a term by knowing the right meaning and its way.